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Welcome to the world of “Coffeeta”.

Coffeeta started its journey from the beginning of 2015. We are basically manufacturing very high-quality instant coffee, tea and supplying various types of vending machines to serve our valued clients. Now almost 250+ people are working with the brand of Coffeeta. We are very famous for our consistence of quality, test & service.

We are importing most of our raw materials from South Korea. We have 7 type of beverage products & 5 type of coffee vending machines.

Coffee Blog

Coffeeta vending Machine


  • We use latest and very powerful micro controller for almost zero failure rate.
  • Excellent and innovative design of the machine enable technician to access andy component within the machine in less than 2 minters.
  • All models have provision to dispense half cup of any beverage.
  • 16×2 characters, Bright and steady display.
  • You can check numbers of cup dispensed for each beverage.
  • You can set temperature of beverage as per your need.
  • Coin mechanism can be externally attached for control of consumption of beverage.
  • For tea bag mode, Machine will first dispense hot water, which will brew tea in the cup for sometime and then it will dispense additional water with milk powder. This improves aroma and taste.
  • You can digitally set volume of water and grams of powder to suit your taste.
  • The machine has built-in overload and short circuit protection for maximum safety.

Coffee Facts

  • Just smelling

    Coffee can wake you up.

  • Coffee was

    Originally a food.

  • Coffee is

    Actually a fruit.

  • Coffee was

    The first food to be freeze-dried.

  • Coffee is

    The second most traded commodity on earth.

  • Coffee drinker's

    have a lower risk of alzheimer's disease.

  • The majority

    Of coffee is produced in Brazil.

  • George Washington

    Invented instant coffee.

  • The world's most

    Expensive coffee is $600 a pound.

Client's Testimonial

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