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This business is all about installing tea and coffee vending machines and supplying beverage mixers regularly at small, medium, large offices, shops, bakeries, schools, colleges, cinema theaters, hospitals and many more places.

Big advantage of this business is, on installing few number of vending machines, Franchisee will have repeated business of beverage mixes from the same customers every month.

Coffeeta being the fastest vending brand in the country is know for it’s quality and wide range of products, gaining the confidence of customers across.

Coffeeta is easily accepted by customers because of great taste, unmatched quality, wide range and of course direct service team which is one of its kind in the industry and makes Bangladesh’s largest service team.

Coffeeta teams up with growth oriented Franchisees and expand its market penetration by extending best of the possible and professional support to it’s Franchisees creating a regular stream of profit for Franchisees.

Make Money with us!

Coffeeta helps you to accomplish the dream of owning your own business. We offer you an opportunity to take control of your career, finances, schedule and future through our proven, successful and profitable franchise model. Joining hands with us will give you complete ownership and rewards of being a successful entrepreneur.

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